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 Pet Portraits 

Could Your Dog support a local dog charity

Supporting Charities through Professional Portraits

We are incredibly proud to be raising funds for the  

 Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

As your local approved and recommended "Pet Portrait " Photographer, we are excited to invite you to visit our studio for a professional dog portrait session where we will spend time creating stunning images in a relaxed environment.

To enter all you have to do is give us a call on 01322529950, or you can text "LSD" with your name to 07914527468 or you can complete the entry form below and Tracey will then call you back to book your dog in for their shoot. We do ask that you read the Terms & Conditions set out below before you book a slot or register. Thankyou.

The cost to take part is £10.00 per dog which is donated 100% in full to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK).

  • How can I contact you?
    Telephone: 01322 529950 Text: 07914 527468 Email: Facebook: @LockwoodStudiosCrayford
  • Will we see the images the same day?
    You will be invited to our viewing room, after your portrait session, for you to see and enjoy the photographs that we have created together.
  • What are your opening times?
    The Teddy Experience hours of opening are Wednesday to Sunday 9am until 6pm, other appointment times may or can be added, subject to availability.
  • Whar are the ages to do this?
    Ideally sitting up unaided to 3 years of age.
  • What is your late policy?
    To ensure a Magical Experience for your child and yourself we ask you to arrive within 10-15 minutes before the appointment time.
  • What do I bring?
    We know an outing to the studio for little ones can be daunting. This is why we aim to make our studio hassle-free and a fun experience. We provide all the costumes and props for your session. Child's own teddies are more than welcome.
  • Who will be photographing my child?
    Les Lockwood is a Master Portrait Photographer working in a team of thoughtful, energetic and story telling people who work with your child / children to create a beautiful work of art.
  • Can someone besides me pick up my order?
    Of course, let us have the name of the person at the time of your showcase who will pick up your work and we will make sure to add them as an authorised 'pick up person'. However we do like to recommend you comeinto collect as you are then the first person to see your beautiful photographs and that then can be the 'Fairy on the tree' as it can be very emotional.
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