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Photographers Supporting Our NHS

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Thank you very much for your interest in supporting the NHS with your donation and we know the NHS will appreciate our combined support and help.

As a group of photographers we have already raised over £1800 with people like you across the UK.


How the NHS gets £10 for your £5 donation.

For a £5 donation you will receive a Family or Pet Portrait Session, which we will upgrade to include a mounted 8" x 6” print of your choice, to enable us to celebrate families coming back together.

For every booking made, we will also match your donation, giving a total of £10 per booking to the NHS.

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Why are we doing this?


In these uncertain times, and with the front line workers putting their lives on the line for us all, we are participating with other professional photographers on a national scale to raise as much as we can to help the NHS.

What do you get from it?


Not only did we want to give something to the NHS. but, we also want to  give something back to the community, by celebrating our families coming back together again.

As a thankyou for donating, We will send you a Vouchure to have a Studio Portrait of your Family or Just the Children or even your Dog, or a combination of all of these. We will also upgrade your session to inculded a beautiful 8" x 6" mounted Print as well.

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Families are important and always changing ...

We know that Families, are the most precious thing in our lives and especially after the last weeks of separation, which has increased this emotion many fold.


From the small precious life of a babies first smile and giggles to your parents golden wedding anniversary and those special moments in between, we ensure those memories are captured forever.

 It's often easy to let these magical moments slip by in the rush of our daily lives. I think we are more likely to be more motivated by our current experience, to ensure these are not missed in the future.


Our aim is to support you in the start, or continuation of your journey ensuring you remember these special moments in images to treasure forever. Please Donate Now

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